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Education Ombudsman


The data reports shared below are based on the monthly and quarterly data collected by our office. This data is based on the complaints and concerns brought to our office by families and schools. When we begin working with a family or school, the data we collect allows us to find patterns and commonalities among the complaints and concerns shared with our office. This information allows us to:

  • support families and schools in arriving at a student-centric resolutions to problems brought to our office;
  • serve as an early warning system to local education agencies (LEAs) and education leaders regarding systemic issues that need to be addressed; and,
  • position our office to make recommendations on policy solutions and avenues to address systemic issues we see in the trends arising from our data and through the myriad of challenges families and schools bring to our office.

Confidentiality is foundational to our work and it is a steadfast promise we make to the families and schools we serve. To that end, all the data shared in the reports are anonymized, therefore, no individuals’ or schools’ information is identifiable. In sharing the data reports below, our goal is to highlight the types of complaints and concerns brought to our office and to note the issues and trends occurring in different parts of the city within various age groups and how those challenges arise at different times during the school year.